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This page is for people who are not currently members of Falkirk Council Libraries.

If you are having problems accessing your library account you can

Who can join the library?
If you’re an adult who lives, works or studies in the Falkirk area, or is a regular visitor to the area, you can join by visiting a library, or by filling in our online form.

If you are under the age of 16 you need to visit a library in person and your parent or guardian must countersign a registration form.

Once you have completed the online joining form
You will be registered as an eServices member and be able to access our digital library, including eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Please be sure to make a note of the PIN you choose when you register and the membership number that appears on the confirmation screen.  

Do you want to upgrade to full library membership?

Head to the library and tell staff that you have registered online. Bring along some ID that features your name and address (e.g. bill, driving license).

You will then be issued with a library card. As well as digital services, you will then be able to access all services, including borrowing physical books and using library PCs and WIFI.

Ready to get started?

Please agree to the following conditions of membership before continuing to the registration form.

  • I certify that the information submitted on the registration form is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree to notify the library of a change of address immediately.
  • I agree to accept liability for any items borrowed on my membership card (if one has been provided).
  • I agree to notify the library immediately if my membership card is lost or stolen (you will be held responsible for all items borrowed up to notification).
  • Membership details are confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties.


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